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Topic Call

Post as comments possible topics for discussion when we figure out a date that we can get together. [After we have 6-8 people who want to intellectually flagellate themselves via this group =P]

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evolutionary psychology, and how to disucss it without being labeled a facist (or, how I learned to stop worrying and love universal darwinism)

ethical justifications, or lack thereof, for the state.

more to come when I think of them

Collective Memory - Transient history and mythos-as-religion-as-mythos
ooh interesting
and it's personally relavant :)
Seperatism, cultural identity and the roots of Nationalism.

When is a seperatism movement appropriate?
What defines a National identity?

Which is more useful, actual seperation or the threat of seperation?
interesting case study and where i grew up =P
presents intereting info on secession

the running joke was that we would seccede, throw marshmallows at the opposing military, submit, and then get captive nation status and all the benefits such as the government coming in and spending billions to "fix us up"


But I had some practical examples in mind. The Mohawk at Kanesatake... The Quebecois... Puerto Rico. The former Soviet Republics. The Kurds.

Is a national or cultural identity enough?